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Add-ons [1.x] [ITD] Display Crossed Staff Ribbon at Message User Info 1.4.0.a


Bơ Đi Mà Sống
Staff member
Dec 11, 2015
Chủ thớt
This Add-on will display a "Staff Ribbon" on top right on "Message User Info".

Note: I added an external compressed download link due to some unknown reasons i am not able to attach ZIP file in this resource (will do in future).


  1. Download attachment and upload the contents of "upload" folder to your forum root.
  2. Log in to your "ACP" and go to "Install Add-on" page.
  3. Select the Unzipped XML file and click the Install Add-on button.
That's all :)

Sending a donation:

If you like this add-on, please consider sending a small donation. My PayPal email address provided upon request via Private Conversation.

Thank you


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