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Share CodeCanyon - Buzzy v1.3.1 - News, Viral Lists, Polls and Videos


Bơ Đi Mà Sống
Staff member
Dec 11, 2015
Chủ thớt

Breaking News, Viral Lists, Awesome Polls and Popular Videos.
Buzzy brings all of these contents into one system.
Create beautiful viral websites like BuzzFeed with Buzzy!
You have advanced tools to do that. With Great Post Editor, Powerful Admin Panel and Impressive Design. You will think big!

Get start to make great community with Buzzy.TODAY!

  1. PHP >= 5.5.9
  2. PDO PHP Extension
  3. OpenSSL PHP Extension
  4. Mbstring PHP Extension
  5. Tokenizer PHP Extension
  6. GD PHP Extension
  7. Fileinfo PHP Extension
  8. Zip PHP Extension
V1.3.1 – 10/12/15
– Added: Amazon S3 CDN Support for Image upload
– Fixed: Issue with load more button on category pages and homepage.
V1.3 – 26/11/15
– Added: User Follow System
– Added: Homepage Builder plugin now supports all subcategories.
– Added: “Save as Draft” Option for BuzzyEditor
– Added: Facebook Post entry for BuzzyEditor
– Added: Account activate email on user registeration.
– Added: 3 new widget area (Homepage first and second columns and Post page share buttons below)
– Added: Now category pages has infinite scrolling
– Added: More useful design changes
– Added: Language switcher on Footer (Only changing language strings)
– Added: Turkish(100%), Russian(80%) language support on frontend.
– Added: Google Font selection to admin panel settings.
– Rework: Poll results has more features
– Rework: Header sections has more useful dropdown menu.
– Rework: Search button area
– Rework: Social buttons has flat design
– Rework: Login/register popup has mini connect buttons on mobile
– Rework: More useful web installer
– Fixed: Reaction vote buttons has issue on mobile
– Fixed: Search issue on admin panel post lists
– Fixed: Issue with scroll top button and quiz auto scroll on Firefox
– Fixed: Other small issues
V1.2 – 05/11/15
- Added: New plugin system. Now all content types can be enabled/disabled
- Added: Reaction vote plugin
- Added: Homepage Builder(beta) plugin
- Added: Pagination on post pages. Now posts can be gallery style.
- Added: Now Post url supports: {type}/{slug} or {type}/{id} or {username}/{slug} or {username}/{id}
- Added: Prepare files for upcoming plugin Quizzes
- Added: RSS feed for all categories
- Added: Sitemap
- Added: New profile design and splash Image upload for users
- Added: VKontakte Logining
- Added: Improve login/register popup on mobile
- Added: Now footer has different logo upload option.
- Added: Staff/Editor users posts has auto approve
- Fixed: Source field not show up on text entry
- Fixed: Other small issues
V1.1.3 – 26/10/15
- Added: Staff/Editor role for users
- Added: User type badge on the post and user pages (Admin/Staff(Editor)/Banned)
- Added: Create Video page now support Tweet, Instagram, Soundcloud entries
- Added: Slug field on the category create form
- Fixed: Some servers automatically set posts featured issue
- Fixed: Some servers has logo upload issue
- Fixed: Issue with user setting changes
- Fixed: Twitter emoji issue with tweet entry
- Fixed: Buzzyeditor link issue
- Fixed: Other small issues
- This update has minor bug-fixes
- Added: Tweet Entry, Instagram Entry, SoundCloud Entry for BuzzyEditor
- Added: Facebook video support for BuzzyEditor Video Entry
- Added: Password reset system
- Added: Infinite lists or Load more button option for panel settings
- Added: New widget area to between 2./3. entries.
- Fixed: Failed login issue
- Fixed: Some missing language strings
- Fixed: Other small issues
- Added: Get image from the url support for BuzzyEditor image entry widget.
- Added: “Make preview image” button for BuzzyEditor image entry widget.
- Added: RTL support and also added option to the panel for that.
- Added: Scroll top button
- Added: Infinite lists on the homepage lists and post page “You may also like” area
- Removed id from the url for SEO. Now It just like example.com/{type}/{postslug}
- Fixed some small issues: alert on the poll options , search bug when you hit enter, panel banned user list, create button disappear on mobile devices.
- Initial public release

Download: http://www.fshare.vn/file/NSS9M39SWVE2
Pass: buidoi.net

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