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Share [Codecanyon] Ajax Search Pro for WordPress V4.7 - Live Search Plugin


Bơ Đi Mà Sống
Staff member
Dec 11, 2015
Chủ thớt
Ajax search pro is the best live search engine plugin for WordPress. Highly customizable, with many features and options, giving the best results possible! Replace the WordPress search bar with a better looking, more efficient search engine.
Ajax Search Pro for WordPress – A WordPress live search plugin
Ajax Search Pro for WordPress was designed to boost the user search experience to the maximum. It provides a live ajax search, which makes the wordpress search experience more confortable. The results are presented with images (if any found), so they look more attractive and less flat. The search works with mobile devices, let it be Android or IOS powered. The search can override the default wordpress search results – so the ajax functionality is extended – replace your default theme search with only a click of a button. The search can return posts, custom post types (like WooCommerce products, BBPress forums, topics, replies), Categories, custom taxonomy terms (like product categories), users, buddypress gorups and buddypress activities as results.

Version History

Version 4.7.0 - 2016.01.15
- Filtering by post tags is possible
- It is possible to replace the default theme search now
- Override now returns any type of result
- BuddyPress XProfile fields search
- Keyword exceptions menu on Advanced Options
- Isotope layout gutter between items is adjustable now
- Backend Options search added
- Image Display mode is now changeable
- Custom field filters with empty values are discarded now correctly
- UI fix when facet change is activated, the settings won't close
- Horizontal results are much more appealing
- Custom field filters use much less data for communication
- Default options moved to globals
- Back-end default loading performance enhancement
- Isotopic calculation fix for no-image items
- "Try this" CSS fixed
- Issue with category filter default values
- Removed arbitrary calculations with horizontal results
- Keyword highlighting fixed
- More results link fix
- A Visual Composer ajax bugfix
- Fixed missing values when importing search settings
- Context display performance fix

Version 4.6.0 - 2015.11.27
- Primary, Secondary sorting option added
- Conditional CSS loader script added (experimental)
- More animation options on Advanced Options panel
- An adjustable background overlay for Compact mode (fixed layout)

- Missing translation ID fixes for both engines
- Placeholder text position fix
- Input margin, padding fixes
- Incorrect top calculation added for relative positioned body elements
- Override default WP results group fix, and post_types array fix

- Theme parser, moved to JSON data
- SVG spinners removed due to deprication, NEW CSS3 spinners
- Animations re-worked to full CSS3 with fallback
- Animations CSS file is only used for dynamic CSS parser, reducing size over 90 per cent

Version 4.5.5 - 2015.11.05
- Index table continue button and small stats snippet
- Index table specific relevance options
- Customizable date format
- Added a filter to shortcodes taxonomy get_terms() call
- New image source: post format images

- Index table author related bug fix
- Fixed placeholder alignment

- Removed polaroid script classie and modernizr dependency
- Escaping method changes
- Index table search apostrophe removal
- Index table adjusted first word relevance

Version 4.5.4 - 2015.10.27
- Theme Loader added
- Text type custom field added to custom field selectors
- Isotopic navigation: supports large number of pages, slides back-forth
- Index table engine CRON possibility
- Result template files can be stored in the theme folder

- Index table: timeout fix, WPML fix, reversed term fix
- Preview mode fix
- A typo fixed in results_layout.php: user_login
- Global multibyte (mbstring) function fixes
- Results override function fix
- OR checkbox logic fix
- Keyword suggestion fixes: multisite support, wrong autocomplete in some cases
- Horizontal result fix: no results text incorrectly appearing

- Vertical results: Date and author are hidden by default now
- Vertical results: Navigation fix, return button redirects to result
- Index table improvements: does not store indexed documents in an array

Version 4.5.3 - 2015.09.28
- New initialization wrapper, type.wrapper.js instead of inline scripts
- Display content as context around the search phrase

- imageradio.class.php fixed a selection error where the plugins url is different
- Fixed a WPML bug, where the post editor shows an error
- More results link now doesn't show if there are no results at all

- The ajaxsearchpro localized variable changed to ASP
- The scripts are now loaded to the footer
- Custom field selector initializator moved to the main script file
- Better content parsing for the image parser

Version 4.5.2 - 2015.09.21
- Index table added an option to replace dash-like chars
- Attachment term, caption search
- Buddypress user search option removed
- Redirect click and enter to first matching result

- Reverse search phrase property
- Keyword double-escape fix
- Index table floating issue, limit adjustment fic
- Redirect click and enter bug fixed, where the ajax method won't stop
- Isotopic bugfix, where the content wont slide down

Version 4.5 - 2015.08.11
- A new feature and engine: Index table search engine
- User search is now possible
- Attachment search is now possible
- Search text button
- Back-end category parent,child chooser
- Input focuses on compact mode opening
- Keyword suggestions and autocomplete sources: taxonomy terms and CPM
- WooCommerce term image integration
- Hidden input field type for custom field selectors
- Exclusion of parent-child pages is now possible
- Added a Help and Updates menu for more information
- Dynamic strings are now translatable with WPML string translations
- Update Notifications on the plugins menu

- Major query optimizations for better performance
- Adjustable author field for CPT results
- Input box converted to flex display
- Google autocomplete ajax migrated to JS
- Custom field and Category selector output limit increased
- WPML respects term translations
- CSS files re-ordered
- Some CSS classes changed with prefixes
- Optimized some theme line heights
- JS resize and scroll event optimizations
- Better attempt on closing unclosed HTML tags in content
- Result images are displayed as background images for better compatibility
- Select item colorization and width changes
- On multisite it is now possible to select all blogs with a checkbox

- Compact mode scrolling fixes
- WooCommerce product variation URL fix
- File system api instead of furl_open
- Stylesheet fixes
- Back-end JS optimizations
- Better input escaping
- Margin, padding override fixes
- Vertical results box height calculation fix
- WMPL compatibility with custom ajax handler
- Keyboard navigation fix for vertical results
- Fix a script exclusion for IE<9
- Multiselect custom post type selector fix
- A rev-slider compatibility bugfix
- Non-ajax pagination fix
- Widget compatibility for WP4.3

- Fulltext search is replaced with Index Table engine

2015.03.18 - 4.0 - Major update
- Visual composer addon included
- New menu: Export/Import settings - you can export all your search instances, or individual instance settings
- New menu: Performance Tracking - track the search performance on your dashboard
- New Shortcode: Two column shortcode - A search and a result box next to each other
- Compact Layout Mode - on fixed, absolute and static page positions
- Full RTL support
- Result templating is now possible - each result type has it's own template file
- More options with Keyword suggestions and Autocomplete (post titles, tags)
- It is now possible to rename/duplicate search instances
- Better control over Javascript and CSS compatibility and size
- Excluding categories and terms from category results is now possible
- Search can be triggered on a Facet change (checkbox, slider, radio button...)
- Individual result groups (terms, posts, buddypress results, etc..) can be ordered now.
- Query Compatibility Options - You can fine tune the search query to force application level Unicode and UTF8 searches
- Results now can be redirected to a new browser tab
- Vertical results now support automatic height and the result image is surrounded with the description
- Relevance is now less performance dependent
- The ajax request now returns plain HTML instead of JSON (because of templating)
- A possible security issue on the backend
- Massive CSS compatibility fixes
- ABSPATH variable removed

2014.11.27 - 3.5 - Major update
- Priority settings -> prioritizing results is now possible
- Custom Frontend Fields -> Creation of Radio buttons, Dropboxes, Checkboxes, Range sliders connected with custom fields
- Advanced Ajax Page Loader plugin compatibility options
- Suggested keywords -> "Try these:" as seen on the demo
- CSS files for search instances had been removed and replaced with a concatenated single CSS file
- TimThumb removed and BFI image class had been added as main image handler
- CSS incompatibilities
- Known JS bugs
- Isotopic layout is now more stable

2014.10.07 - 3.2 - Major update
- It is possible to change the search logic now: OR, OR with exact words, AND, AND with exact words
- Categories and taxonomies can be returned as results
- In Old internet explorer versions the search falls back to the default wordpress search box
- Fixed a bug with the cache
- Fixed a bug with the widget

2014.09.19 - 3.1 - Minor update
- The plugin can now override (replace) the default WordPress search results on the results page!
- BuddyPress support: Search in groups, users and activities
- The 'More results..' and the default results URL is now customizable
- Polaroid results fix for new chrome browsers
- Custom ajax handler is now disabled by default due to some incompatibilities
- The title search relevance has changed a bit
- Fulltext search is disabled by default
- Buddypress bugs fixed

2014.08.04 - 3.0 - Major update
- New latout type: Isotopic
- 2 New theme groups: Underline and Simple
- New retina ready SVG icons
- WPML support
- Google Analytics Integration module
- Brand new backend
- Scroll-to-results option
- Keyboard navigation for vertical results
- Multiple instances of search boxes are now possible
- Better preview
- Better compatibility module
- Shortcode buttons on the Post editor
- Better image options and image handling
- Smaller CSS files
- Better javascript compatibility

2014.03.12 - 2.4 - Major update
- Fulltext search capabilities
- Fulltext indexing the posts table (post_title, post_content, post_excerpt)
- A few bugs in the suggestions code

2014.03.06 - 2.3 - Minor changes
- Polaroid styled results (experimental)
- Shortcodes now strippable from results
- Now supports pages with categories
- Some Buddypress/Nextgen compatibility issues solved

2014.02.18 - 2.10 - Minor/Performance changes
- Much better relevance sorting!
- Overall performance rework – much faster ajax results
- TimThumb available for faster image loading
- Compatibility settings added – Inline styles and Non-minified javascript
- Cache options reworked + Better image precache

2014.01.10 - 2.00 - Major update
!!!Important - Older version users, please
delete your search instances and the plugin before installing!!!
- Search relevance with adjustable weights
- Results filtering by custom taxonomies
- Horizontal results
- Result list placement to custom element via shortcode
- Hooks - Filters & Actions added, full list in documentation
- Frontend layout - Many changes here
* The frontend options bar can be set to left/right
* Vertical/Horizontal result list
* Better mobile device compatibility (tap/search button on keyboard)
* Color change on result hovering
* Better scrollbar
* Search box height changeable
* Search box margin changeable
- Backend rework - better
- Themes reworked
- +~40 new options on the backend
- Backgroung gradient tool
- Faster cache, better image cache
- Nicer icons, better theme configurations
- Better compatibility
- ~50% less javascript
- ~3x load performance

2013.05.21 - 1.81 - Minor Update
- exact matches fix
- some fixes on admin area
- widget code fix

2013.05.08 - 1.80 - Major Update
- 11 new themes
- Admin page fix
- Caching, precaching
- Better images
- iPhone fix

2013.04.16 - 1.70 - Major Update
- Error check module
- Css fixes
- Shortcode running in search result content
- Strip tags
- Better search on BBPress forums

2013.04.16 - 1.65 - Minor Update
- menu structure fix
- blog titles search added

2013.02.13 - 1.60 - Major Update
- 9 new minimal themes
- minify fix, works with mobile
- mobile typing fix
- Search: custom fields as title and desc, multisite grouping fix

2013.02.07 - 1.50 - Major Update
* Category selectors on the frontend
* Category/Post type filtering
* Search in comments
* Exclude posts by id's or categories
* Stable, custom built jQuery for maximum compatibility
* Better search algorithm

2012.12.13 - 1.40 - Major Update
* Multisite support
* Better admin interface, ajax powered
* Autocomplete with statistics or google keywords
* Touch device fixes
* Possible enable/disable the triggering events

2012.12.13 - 1.30 - Major Update
* WordPress 3.5 support
* Show more results link added

2012.11.22 - 1.25 - Minor Update
* jQuery outerheight fix
* qTranslate support

2012.11.21 - 1.2 - Major Update
* Search Statistics
* Search in custom fields
* 2 new widgets - Last searches and Top searches
* Default Search Text option added
* Compatibility issues fix (with older versions of jQuery ui)
* Faster image parsing
* Better keywords parsing

2012.11.14 - 1.1 - Major Update
* Buddypress Support added (search in groups, forums, users)
* Search term highlighting on the frontend
* Custom post types supported
* New custom post type selector on the backend
* Translation support for frontend selectors
* Language selector for google keyword suggestions
* The whole item area is now clickable

2012.11.07 - 1.01 - Error reporting issue fixed.

Demo: http://codecanyon.net/item/ajax-search-pro-for-wordpress-live-search-plugin/3357410
Download: Update


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