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Add-Ons Change Thread Starter 1.0.4

Discussion in 'Xenforo' started by NamLee, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. NamLee

    NamLee Bơ Đi Mà Sống Staff Member

    Dec 11, 2015
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    This add-on adds a permission in the Admin CP that allows you to allow usergroups to "Change thread starter". The permission can be found roughly near the bottom of the General Moderator Permissions group.

    Once you grant access to that permission, your staff/moderators will see the following in their Thread Tools menu:

    Clicking on "Change Thread Starter" brings up this overlay:

    Once you click Change the following changes happen:
    • The number of Likes received on the post get transferred to the new starter.
    • If the new starter had liked the original starter's thread, this like is removed (you shouldn't be able to like your own posts).
    • The thread starter is changed to the new starter.
    • If there haven't yet been any replies, the last reply user is updated to be the new starter.
    • The message counts are adjusted (existing starter -1, new starter +1)
    • The data is saved
    • The search index is updated accordingly.
    With this add-on you can only change the author of one thread at a time.
    In future, I may release a full Thread Tools suite that allows bulk changes, changes to the date of the posting and perhaps changes to individual posts too.
    Special Thanks:
    To vVv for helping me test the add-on.
    This add-on can be installed using the Add-On Installer.

    • Extract the contents of the Zip file.
    • Upload the contents of the upload folder to the root of your XenForo installation.
    • Install in the Admin CP using the provided XML file.

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