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Share Auto Rent 2.0.7 - Car Rental WordPress Theme


Bơ Đi Mà Sống
Staff member
Dec 11, 2015
Chủ thớt
N.B: Autorent version 2 is now available and compatible with all the features & functionalities of the car rental system plugin

Auto Rent is a Car Rental WordPress Theme crafted with a clean & modern design. autorent offers a wide variety of options including a booking system and a very fast filtering system that allows instant search

Top Features
* Taxonomy & Metadata Searching Plugin – Angular JS ($22 worth)
* Booking & Reservation System (WooCommerce) ($22 worth)
* Build with woo-commerce
* WPML Ready
* PO/MO translate ready
* Fully responsive
* Google Maps Support
* Modern Design
* Featured Properties
* Accurate Property Availability Checker
* Angular Based Accurate Property Filtering , Searching and Sorting
* Date Blocking
* Rating and Review System
* Additional Person Price Scheme
* Additional Resource Price Scheme
* Custom Booking messages and Email
* Send custom message to Property Owner
* Home page Building Facilites

Additional Features
* Custom Fields
* Auto Generated GPS
* Icons and Markers for Categories
* Drag and Drop Home Page Rearranging Facilies
* Custom Properties Search Box From 3 Diffterent places
* Drag and Drop Property Sidebar Making
* Unlimited Sorting
* Unlimited Google Fonts
* Instance Search
* Custom Pagination

AUTORENT is now compatible with Car Rental System plugin by KestutisIT (the plugin is sold separately) which includes the following features:

v2.0.7(30 June 2016)

- WooCommerce files update

v2.0.7(05 may 2016)

- Compatible with Visual composer (Only 2nd demo)
- Some js issue solved
- 404 issue solved for 2nd demo
- image resizer error solved
- Minor css issue solved

v2.0.4(25 Oct 2015)

- Sorting options added (new feature)
- Sorting option cab be set from auto-rent option panel
- Single car page tab title issue fixed

v2.0.3(21 Oct 2015)

- Front-end price showing improvement
- autorent-plugin-functionality plugin improvement
- autorent-plugin-functionality plugin make full translatable
- Dgbooking plugin make fully translatable
- Some improvement in ngfilter plugin for for fronend price showing.
- Woo-commerce tab reorder
- Some css issue fixed
- default.pot file improvement

v2.0.1(06 Oct 2015)

- Some translatable string fixes
- Default.pot and default.mo file updated

v2.0.1(22 Sept 2015)

- Fix home page get started image broken issue
- Fix get started blocked all posts show
- No. of related product shows control in car single page
- Instagram, dribble , google+ social link added in about widget

v2.0.0(18 Sept 2015)

- Fix home page search issue
- Fix home page search field index issue
- Fix multilingual search issue from home page search
- made some some change in autorent option panel
- Fix some untranslatable string in car listing page

v1.0.9(16 Sept 2015)

- Fix some minor issue of docs

v1.0.8(15 Sept 2015)

- Price floating issue solved
- Email 1 , Phone 1 , Fax 1 in contact us page issue is fixed

v1.0.7(21 Aug 2015)

- Pick up location and return location include in booking plugin
- Booking info autocomplete single car page from home page search
- Unlimited header background color and background image
- Unlimited banner background color and background image
- Unlimited footer background color and background image
- Unlimited copyright background color and background image
- Unlimited block background color and background image

v1.0.6(05 Aug 2015)

- Fix translation issue
- .pot and .mo file update
- Fix some untranslatable strings

v1.0.5(15 June 2015)

- Book a car in home page on/off option added
- Buy a car on home page on/off option added
- Send mail by word-press issue solved
- Active menu focus color issue solved
- Login button on/off option added
- Car icon on/of option added
- Variable product fixed
- Grid View and list view option select in car listing page
- Cart page calculate total problem fixed
- Google map on/off option added in car single page
- Property Details on/off option added in car single page
- Booking form on/off option added in car single page
- Resources on/off option added in car single page
- Persons on/off option added in car single page
- Related product on/off option added in car single page
- Tabs on/off option added in car single page
- Some string make translatable
- dummy.xml file updated
- widgets.wie updated
- dummy.json updated

v1.0.4(27 Mayl 2015)

- all dummy data update

v1.0.3(15 Mayl 2015)

- Dummy.xml update

v1.0.2(30 april 2015)

- search form on/off option add
- banner on/of option add
- default.mo and default.po file added
- Offline documentation update

v1.0.1(28 april 2015)

-Offline documentation included

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