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Hướng dẫn Add Font Awesome icons in the user menu


Bơ Đi Mà Sống
Staff member
Dec 11, 2015
Chủ thớt
NamLee đã đăng tài nguyên mới:

Add Font Awesome icons in the user menu - Add Font Awesome icons


Today I share a tutorial under xenForo 2.0 : Add Font Awesome icons in the user menu !

Replace your account_visitor_menu template with this :
<div class="menu-row menu-row--highlighted">
    <xf:macro name="visitor_panel_row" />

<xf:macro name="visitor_panel_row">
    <div class="contentRow">
        <div class="contentRow-figure">
            <xf:avatar user="{$xf.visitor}" size="m" href="" notooltip="true" update="{{ link('account/avatar', $xf.visitor) }}"...
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