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bbcodes & buttons manager

  1. NamLee

    Add-ons [1.x] BbCodes & Buttons Manager - Advanced Bb Codes Pack 3.7.1

    BbCodes & Buttons Manager - Advanced Bb Codes Pack by Cédric CLAERHOUT This addon is now using a Creative Commons BY 3.0 license This thread was previously here Presentation Created in 2007 for vBulletin, this application adds advanced Bb Codes. Those Bb Codes help members to design the...
  2. NamLee

    Add-ons [1.x] BbCodes & Buttons Manager 3.3.4

    Bb Codes & Buttons Manager Addon Presentation This addon allows you to create some Bb Codes & Buttons and to configure some of the XenForo default Bb Codes. You can also position Bb Codes with a button in the editor toolbar (compatible with the XenForo redactor editor and with the TinyMCE...