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Add-ons [1.x] XenForo Resource Manager 1.2.3

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The Resource Manager is an official XenForo add-on that allows you to manage resources such as files and tutorials or other article-like content along side your normal forum. The aim is allow content such as files to be listed with a focus on the initial content rather than discussion surrounding it. Users can watch resources and be updated whenever a new version is released.

Resources can be sold (as a link to external purchase handling), downloaded directly from the resource manager, downloaded from an external URL, or provided without a file. The administrator can control the type of resources allowed and who can post them on a per category basis. Discussion threads can automatically be created for each resource, allowing the target forum and a thread prefix to be specified per resource category.

It is completely integrated into XenForo, including support for moderator permissions, logging, manual approval and soft-deletion, liking, news feed entries and alerts, reporting, search, spam cleaning, and statistics.
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