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Xenforo (Nulled) v2.0.9

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What is xenforo?

XenForo is a PHP-based forum hosting program for communities that is designed to be deployed on a remote web server. It's similar to other web-based forum software like phpBB, vBulletin, YaBB, and Simple Machines Forum. XenForo is a proprietary product, where several other popular forum hosting software programs are open source.
Why XenForo?

XenForo stands out from the other programs for its built-in reward system. This allows users to earn points for making good contributions, such as helpful posts. For example, users can receive awards for reaching a certain number of posts. This adds an element of gamification to web forums. The idea behind this is that the rewards will foster a community. A forum is no good if no one posts on it, and if they stay sufficiently motivated, forum users will keep it from becoming a ghost town.

Here is just a few xenforo Features

XenForo offers a number of useful features.

As mentioned above, XenForo's major feature is its award system. The awards are called "trophies" and they can be customized through the software's control panel. They can include getting a certain number of likes on a post or posting a certain number of messages.

Users can receive alerts related to events like someone replying to their posts


While XenForo is a proprietary program, there are lots of add-ons that customers can use to customize their installation.

XenForo has a recent activity stream for users. This shows things like new posts and replies. Users can customize their streams. Developers can also create their own add-ons.

Users can change the way XenForo looks with a color picker. This makes it easy for a business to have a forum that matches a company's color scheme. It's also possible to use HTML and CSS as well as a style property editor for more precise customization of a forum's theme.
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