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Plugins WordPress Seo Premium 11.0.0

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We’ve made huge changes to the schema.org markup we output, adding multiple different types of Schema. Be sure to check our posts on yoast.com about this release!


  • Schema changes:
  • Adds Person markup for author pages.
  • Adds WebPage markup for all pages.
  • Adds Article markup for posts, with Person markup for the author.
  • Changes the ‘Organization or Person’ section of the Knowledge graph settings to allow selecting an author that is the ‘Person’ that the website represents.
  • Adds MySpace, SoundCloud, Tumblr and YouTube URL input fields to people’s profiles.

  • Fixes an issue where the metabox would not display on term edit pages when running the development build of Gutenberg.
  • Includes every change in Yoast SEO core 10.1.1 see the core changelog.
  • Includes every change in Yoast SEO core 10.0.1 see the core changelog.
  • Fixes a bug in the redirects where an url decoded origin isn’t found when the request uri isn’t decoded.
  • Fixes a bug where on certain servers (using FastCGI) redirects could not be filtered.
  • Includes every change in Yoast SEO core 6.1.0, see the core changelog.
* Fixes a bug where the configuration wizard could not be loaded, caused by a missing JavaScript dependency.

= 5.9.0 =
Release Date: December 5th, 2017

* Fixes a bug where the title isn't added back to the HTML when the debug marker has been disabled.
* Fixes a bug where multiple help panels showed up when clicking on different help buttons.
* Fixes a bug where the Help Center wouldn't be closed when clicking the Go Premium link.
* Fixes a bug where the cornerstone setting for a post would be lost when quick editing the post.
* Fixes a bug where newly created posts were taken into account for the link count, resulting in MySQL errors. Props to [stodorovic](https://github.com/stodorovic).
* Fixes a bug where Premium plugins were being treated as WordPress.org plugins in the 'suggested plugin' notifications, resulting in download errors.
* Fixes a bug where an empty div was visible when both Content and Readability analysis are disabled.

* Shows a notice regarding opening the Onboarding Wizard when the plugin is installed for the first time.
* Makes it easier to unhook the debug code rendered as HTML comment.
* Implements the Reactified content analysis.
* Introduces the `wpseo_add_opengraph_additional_images` filter to allow additional OpenGraph Images to be added at a low priority.
* Changes the Dashboard widget's progress bar height to 24px.
* Makes the 'Next' and 'Back' buttons in the Onboarding Wizard focusable.
* Adds grouping of feedback within the content analysis, in the following categories: 'errors', 'problems', 'needs improvement', 'considerations', and 'good'. Each category can be expanded and collapsed.