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Add-ons [1.x] [Tinhte] XenTag 3.2.5

Không được phép tải xuống
Compatible XF Versions:
  • 1.5
Additional Requirements:
Widget Framework (optional, for using widgets)
Visible Branding:
Yes, but removable with payment

  • #hashtag
  • Tags for Forum and Page nodes.
  • Auto tag linking for post and resource content (great for SEO and user engagement).
  • Custom tag title, description with Front-end editor.
  • Watch tag.
  • Widgets (for Widget Framework):
    • Tag Cloud
    • Trending Tags
    • Trending Thread tags,
    • Related Threads (by same tags)
    • Tagged Threads (by a tag)
  • Xenforo Migration tool for Xentag 2.x (Tools > Rebuild caches)
  • Tag processing in Batch Threads update tool
  • In-word suggestion
  • RSS, View count for Tag pages
  • Anh many more features
  • Similar threads could be added by using[Xentag] Related threads in thread_view position.
  • Trending Thread Tags could be added in specific forums which an option to show most popular tags that were used only on that forums (and children nodes)
  • Specific type of threads list could be showed on sidebar or anywhere by using [Xentag] Tagged threads widget.
Screenshot for Xentag 2.x on below quote, new screenshot will be uploaded later.
This add-on allow you add tags to forums, threads, pages and resource items then display them on tag pages, tag cloud. It's very helpful for your forum members & SEO. Please read the installation guide before installing XenTag.

  • Tags for your forums, threads, pages and resource items.
  • #Hashtag for your posts.
  • Manage tags (front & back-end)
  • Tag Cloud, Trending tags (/tags/)
  • Watch tags, report tags
  • Widgets for WF: Tag Cloud, Trending, Related threads, Threads by a Tag
  • Search by a Tag, support both XF Built-in Search & Elastic Search Engine.
  • Auto keyword linker (by Tags)
  • Other 3rd party content type could be developed.
  • Designed for small to very large scale forums (tested on > 30m posts).
  • And many more features...
  • Download & Unzip
  • Upload all files & folder in /upload folder to forum root
  • Import XML File
  • Go to Options/[Tinhte] XenTag to set your own options.
  • Go to Usergroup Permissions to set [XenTag] Permissions for each usergroup.
  • All phrases are in English by default. You can translate them to your own language.
  • Upload (overwrite) new files & folders to current one.
  • Upgrade new xml file.
  • If you upgrade new XenTag from version < 1.8, you need to rebuild Thread search index after upgrade process.
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