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Add-ons [2.x] Staff BBcodes (with extra two) - PijaniTvor.com 2018-02-25

No permission to download
Nice four BBcodes for your Staff members and extra two for all your users from www.PijaniTvor.com.
Nothing new, nothing big, but I like it, and maybe you will like it too.

This addon contain six bbcodes:
  • Info
  • Help
  • Warning
  • Important
  • Edit
  • Offtopic
All you have to do:
  1. copy text from Staff bbcodes.css file to your EXTRA.less template
  2. import staff_bbcodes.xml - yourforum.com/admin.php?bb-codes/import

You can change colours of everything (except title od Staff BBcodes) in Staff bbcodes.css file
You can change FA icons in /admin.php?bb-codes/
You can change anything if you want. Yes, you can be free :cool:

P.S. On first image title Važno will be Important when you install this addon. ;)
I just have custom title on my forum, from where I took screenshot.

How it looks in post


Icons in post editor


Import .xml in bbcode page in ACP


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