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Plugins Slider Revolution

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  • Further Fixes for the “continue” warning that can appear in PHP 7.3+

  • Fixed Vimeo Video backgrounds not working properly
  • Fixed issue where an export .zip would be changed to a .cpgz
  • Fixed WPML issue where Slider fails to load on the secondary language

  • Added simple Gutenberg block for Slider Revolution
Likes: kenvjl

  • Updated Google Fonts List
  • YouTube videos now loaded from youtube-nocookie.com
  • Changed database checks to lower the query count
  • Changed line endings of two svg files from CR to CRLF

  • Fixed YouTube BG video not loading sometimes in the latest Chrome
  • Fixed incorrect Vimeo Layer position on slide change
  • Fixed WooCommerce Slider incorrectly adding all In Stock products of all categories if choosen
  • Fixed WPML Slider, incorrectly using wrong language Slides in some configurations
Fixed a Bug where a change of Slide Length in Slide General Settings negative influences Default Transition Time
Added ”;” to themepunch.tools.min.js file to avoid issues by chaining files
Added ”;” to Slider Initialisation to avoid issues by minimising files
Fixed ForceRewind Video option, which will now reset Video Position before the Layer shown to avoid Frame jumps
Fixed and adapted to new Instagram API result format

  • Fixed DOMContentLoaded issues and extended with fall back on Document Ready State to support Deferred
  • Fixed Instagram Author not displaying correctly
  • Added ability to display Static Layers behind Slide content
  • Added CSS pointer-events option for Slide Layers