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Styles [1.x] Simplicity Lite 1.03

Không được phép tải xuống

Simplicity is a free, light-weight and -- simple! -- style for Xenforo, great for anyone looking for a minimalistic theme.

Simplicity doesn't have bells and whistles, but makes minimal edits to default Xenforo to give you a pretty and elegant starter theme, making it both light and fast.

  • Fully Responsive
  • Tested with over 60 Xenforo resources, so your style is already configured to look seamlessly compatible with many of the most popular Xenforo mods!
  • Compatible with XenPorta 2 Pro
  • Google Fonts
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Left or right sidebar
  • Use FontAwesome for node icons
  • Includes 11 optional background textures!
  • Logo Photoshop PSD
  • Instructions for install, upgrade, and customization
  • Five color presets
** First Release - Beta Version **

Simplicity is my first free style for Xenforo, and this release is also the first time making the theme available. All feedback and suggestions are welcome, as I always enjoy adding user input back into my themes -- many of which receive multiple updates per week!

Color Presets

Simplicity also ships with five different color preset XMLs -- import or create your own! Included are Default Blue, Melon, Rosewood, Cotton Candy, and Teal.

Background Textures

Simplicity packages 11 different optional background textures to use for your page’s background:


How many sites can I use this on?
Feel free to download and use it on as many Xenforo installations as you wish.

How do I make new color variations?
You can accomplish most needs by simply changing the Color Palette hue slider(s). Or, change individual color properties.

Can I use a text-based logo instead of a .PNG image?
This feature is coming soon :). Provided is a .PSD template for customizing the logo to create your own matching .PNG logo, if you do not have your own.

Does it have visible branding?
Similar to many themes, there is a small "Style by Nulumia" notice in the footer. I ask for a small fee to remove this link.

Does it have any features from your other themes?
No, as this is a free style, it doesn't include most of the Pro features found in my commercial themes, which are built on my custom NulumiaBase Framework. It does however use some basic features listed above such as FontAwesome, Google Fonts, Left vs Right Sidebar, etc. It also contains built-in compatibility with many popular Xenforo resources, such as Andy's mods, XenPorta 2, Calendar, and more.

Is there a "Pro" version in the works?
Yes! In fact it's well underway and nearing completion, and will include all the advanced features from my NulumiaBase Framework, including Slideshow, Ticker System, Side by Side Nodes, and many more!

Can I use the free style and then upgrade to the Pro version later?
You can always upgrade to the pro version later, but style settings and customizations will not carry over if you overwrite. This is because my pro themes are mostly designed with custom properties in the NulumiaBase Framework, where free styles only use default Xenforo edits, so they will not translate during upgrade. I would suggest in this case installing both styles, copy over your custom edits and then delete the free style.

I've seen some other free themes that have a lot more bells and whistles..
Simplicity is meant to be very simple :) and clean. However, I certainly plan to add more and to all my upcoming free styles based on user input. Please leave your suggestions!
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