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Add-ons [2.x] Moderator Log 1.0.0

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Front end moderator log

Please note that all moderator log items are displayed without checking whether the moderator has permission to view the content of the logged item.
This means that if you have certain sections of your forum (such as specific threads) that are not available to all of your moderators, logged items from such areas will reveal the thread title to the moderator viewing the log.
I do not check for viewing permissions as there are too many possible moderator log types to cover from both XF, XFRM, and other add-ons. So please keep this in mind when assigning the front end moderator log viewing permission to your moderators.

Once installed, assign the general moderator permission 'View front end moderator log' to desired moderators.
Under the add-on options, set desired number of log entries per page and the maximum number of days to be fetched.
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