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Add-ons [1.x] [Endless Horizon] Social Share 2.2.3

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Other than donation, you may also contribute by submitting your honest review to this add-on.

So yeah, yet another replacement for the default Share This Page widget.

Demo:https://www.endlesshorizon.net/ (share counts are disabled here)

Notable Features:
  • Uses Font Awesome for icons
    This add-on will use Font Awesome instead of external images.
    Except for LINE, though it's disabled by default (still waiting for the icon to be added to Font Awesome).
    You can, however, use your own icons. But to do so will require some knowledge in CSS and a little bit of knowledge in JavaScript.
  • No third-party JavaScript calls on every page load to fetch share counts
    This add-on will do a template callback to tell your server to fetch share counts on every* page load (and only on pages that have the share this pagewidget). So this add-on will NEVER tell your clients to query any third-party social sites. If you're concerned about your client's privacy, then this will be a great alternative.
    * Caching available (see below).
  • Caching support for share counts (Memcached, Redis, etc.)
    Fetching the share counts on EVERY page load will surely deal a considerable impact to your forums' overall performance, thus caching them is necessary to ensure performance. To use this feature, you MUST have any back-end caching enabled for your XenForo installation, since the add-on will use XenForo's built-in caching mechanism. So technically, you can use whichever back-end caching that XenForo supports. I have tested this with Memcached and Redis (using Zend Redis Cache add-on).
  • Customizable caching time
    If you want to cache the share counts longer, you can. By default, the add-on will cache them for 6 hours.
  • Customizable cURL settings
    You can customize some cURL settings, such as timeout* and whether to use secure connection or not. By default you have the ability to set cURL timeout in milliseconds, but on certain cURL version the add-on will seamlessly fallback to seconds (due to lack of support on some older versions).
    * As of version 2.0.0, the timeout setting will affect file_get_contents as well (in case you don't use cURL).
  • Ability to add Share This Page widget on top of threads, pages, threads list* and post's permalink**
    Additionally on threads, you can also add the Share This Page widget above the quick reply area (will still be visible to guests).
    * Support for threads list added in version 2.0.0.
    ** Support for post's permalink added in version 2.1.0.
  • [bd] Widget Framework support
    You'll just have to add the built-in Share This Page renderer anywhere you like.
  • Phrases support
    With phrases support, it's possible to display different texts in different languages.
    The phrases have "EHSS" tag somewhere on the title. So you can just search for "EHSS" (without the double quotes) to see all available phrases for the add-on.
    No phrases support for the social site names yet. I may add phrase support for them in the future if there are enough requests.
  • Responsive design
    There's not much to say about this. It simply displays just right on mobile, tablet and PC.
  • Scroll down to "Admin CP options" section for full features and explanations
  • More? Feel free to submit a feature request on the Discussion thread
Additional Notes:
  • There is no Style Properties yet. Any customization must be made on the templates. If you want to tweak the design, edit eh_socialshare.css template. And if you want to tweak the item's settings (such as the CSS class that it will use for the icon, share link format, etc.), edit eh_socialshare_jstemplate.
  • This add-on wasn't made on the Default Theme, so you'll need to tweak the styling a little for it to work on the Default Theme. Though it should display just fine on any UI.X-based themes. Also, I can guarantee that the overlay display will look nearly identical in any themes as long as you have Font Awesome.
  • Untested on XenForo 1.2 and 1.3. Most likely it'll work just fine though. Feel free to test it out.
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