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Themes Divi Themes 3.2.2

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hotfix ( updated 04-26-2018 )
- Fixed a bug that caused legacy padding values of "0" to be ignored as null values on the front end due to a logic error in the php validation method.
* includes/builder/functions.php

version 3.2 ( updated 04-26-2018 )
- Arrow keys can now be used to adjust numerical values in the Visual Builder.
- Added new up/down buttons to numerical inputs that can be used to make precise value adjustments.
- Added the ability to link module spacing values together.
- Improved the color option interface in the Visual Builder.
- Modules added in the Visual Builder will now contain a minimal amount of pre-filled content, allowing the module to be fully rendered on the page automatically.
- Added an option to the Visual Builder interface settings to disable the above mentioned pre-filled content.
- Added new gesture based interface to numerical spacing options that allow valued to be adjusted using a smooth sliding motion.
- Added option clarification text to various media inputs.
- Greatly improved the gallery management interface in the Visual Builder. You can now add, remove and re-arrange images in the Visual Builder without entering the media library.
- Media inputs will now render live previews of videos and images in the Visual Builder settings modal.
- Added browser spell check to the Visual Builder settings modal and in the inline editor.
- Fixed various reset and responsive input behaviors on range and margin inputs in the Visual Builder.
- Fixed TinyMCE bug that preventing scrolling in some situations.
- Fixed incorrect styling of the inline editor text color option.
- Fixed hover artifact on fullwidth header when using parallax background when Click/Grid mode is active.
- Fixed tooltip modal remaining open when builder settings modal button was clicked.
- Fixed pricing table module having incorrect default body font size.
- Fixed a bug that caused spacing changes to occur when hovering over the testimonial module in the Visual Builder.
- Fixed modules not being saved correctly when they were a child of a global row inside a specialty section.
- Fixed an email optin module error that occurred when fetching a list or removing an account in some situations.
- Fixed a bug that caused the blog module to remain visible after it was disabled.
- Fixed incorrect default content alignment in Visual Builder post slider module.
- Fixed issue where there was missing whitespace in author bylines in the fullwidth post title module.
- Fixed incorrect percentage font style implementation on bar counter module.
- Fixed issues with custom options rendering in Backend Builder.
- Fixes an issue where the section divider color would not reset properly in the Backend Builder.
- Fixed duplicate backface-visibility:hidden rules that were printed in some cases.
- Fixed input & textarea being unable to be selected which prevented focus input from being evaluated.
- Fixed iOS detection when page is being viewed on a mobile browser or an in-app browser, which caused some elements to disappear when browser Divi sites via apps like Facebook.
- Fixed double opt-in bug when adding new subscribers to a Mailster list.
- Fixed a bug that caused shop module pagination to malfunction.
- Fixed a bug that caused code in some code modules to break the Divi Builder.
* core/admin/js/common.js
* core/components/api/email/Mailster.php
* core/components/api/email/Ontraport.php
* includes/builder/class-et-builder-element.php
* includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js
* includes/builder/frontend-builder/helpers.php
* includes/builder/functions.php
* includes/builder/module/BarCounters.php
* includes/builder/module/BarCountersItem.php
* includes/builder/module/PricingTables.php
* includes/builder/scripts/builder.js
* includes/builder/core.php
* includes/builder/framework.php
* includes/builder/frontend-builder/helpers.php
* includes/builder/module/Accordion.php
* includes/builder/module/Blurb.php
* includes/builder/module/FullwidthImage.php
* includes/builder/module/Gallery.php
* includes/builder/module/Image.php
* includes/builder/module/Shop.php
* includes/builder/module/SliderItem.php
* includes/builder/module/TeamMember.php
* includes/builder/scripts/frontend-builder-scripts.js
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