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Plugins Content Protector Pack 1.0.0

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Content Protector Pack
Want to stop robbers to copy your site content and images? You can usee Better Content Protector to disable copy and right click on your site and so many more features to abandon the robbers! Keep your content safe.


Full Content Protection for Your Site
Make your site completely safe and locked by using Content Protector Pack. It locks everything and robbers will not have any chance to copy your valuable content.

  • Protect post content copy
  • Protect images save
  • Protect RSS and Print copy
  • Append custom message to copied text!

"Copy or Right click" Protection
The right click and text selection and copy will be locked also the right click for images and anything else will be disabled to prevent robbers from coping contents.

  • Disable CTRL+C and other ways of text copy
  • Disable Text Select
  • Disable Right Click
  • Alert for user right clicks
  • Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux
Images Protection
All save options for images will be disabled also even your site images will not be loaded in another domain! that is not amazing?

  • Disable site Images to loaded on other sites!
  • Disable Images Save
  • Disable Images Rightclick
  • Disable Images Drag and Drop
  • Remove images link

Watermak on Images
Adding watermark to images is very easy! just upload the watermark image and select the position and the Content Protector Pack will do everything for you.

  • Add watermark on images
  • Customize watermark position
  • Takes Backup original image on adding watermark
View Source Protection
Even the view source will be protected to disable advanced robbers to copy content. No way to copy your site content.

  • Disable view source
  • Custom text on the view source
  • No way to copy content

"Javascript is disable" Protection
Content Protector pack will not allow users to copy your site content by disabling Javascript. It detects it and doesn't allow users to copy content.

  • Smart Javascript distillation detector
  • First plugin with this option
  • 100% protector for site content
Print Protection
It does not allow users to copy your post content by printing it! The print will be disabled if you activate this options and there will not be any way to print your site content.

  • Disable print (CTRL+P and other ways)
  • Custom message for print page
  • Blank page for print page

iFrame Protection
Even your site will not be loaded on iFrames in another site! Content Protector will lock all doors for robbers.

  • Disable your site to be loaded in iFrame on other sites
  • Redirect to custom pages on iFrame on other sites
  • Custom message for iFrame on other sites
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